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Interview with Ramona Vinca

"Who is Ramona and what does she do?"
I am Ramona Vinca, entrepreneur, and I manage since 2008, a family business founded 27 years ago. "Vinca - Marmura - Granit - Piatra naturala" deals with the import and processing of natural stone.
Could you estimate how many times you've changed your management over time?
Almost every year, but there were two more important moments.
The first was in 2012 when I was pregnant and I was forced to delegate a lot of my duties and the second one in 2018 in December when I reorganized the company: I dedicated myself to the creation and the operation was taken over by my colleagues.
What was the most difficult time in a management shift?
Accepting new roles. From the moment you make a change it is not just about you, it is about all the staff, and if the team does not understand the reason for the change and its advantages it can go very hard.
In all these changes have you encountered similar problems and if so, what are they?
Yes, the main problem was the reluctance of my colleagues. But things did not last long, because we focused on our mission and everything was solved.
If you were to change a past management decision, what would it be and why?
The biggest mistake was at the financial level. We messed up the accounts and took the money for the stocks and put it on the investment side, and although this happened 6-7 years ago, we still suffer from this incident. But, in principle, the most painful are the small decisions you make for a short period with an immediate effect and, after years and years, you realize that they have actually turned into a big snow ball that comes over you. But everything is going to be ok.
When a decision did not have the expected outcome, how did you managed the situation?
I screamed! I screamed, we argued and then sat at the table, put it on the paper and found solutions. In principle, the best decisions were when we got a third party to help us. We, from the inside, do not always see the part that affects us because we are too involved in operational and administrative matters, and so, a view from the outside will help us a lot.
What would be the most "challenging" part in your activity?
This year I've been more on the creative side, and here I've had the most challenges. In an attempt to avoid a general thing that is valid for everyone, it is necessary to fully understand the needs of the customers, the challenges they are going through, so that we can shape our products and communication to match their desires. That's what we have proposed for the next few years. Let's get together, understand exactly the needs of each customer and come to his aid.
How would you describe your management style?
Chaotic! And that's why I started to delegate as much as I realized I was chaotic. But in this chaos of mine, I am very structured, I like things to be on paper, I like to make lists, I like to see objectives set each with responsibilities, deadlines and once I see them made I can afford to be chaotic. The gap between goal and solving allows me to think freely.
What qualities do you think a successful manager should have?
He has to be flexible, because in entrepreneurship all is chaotic and you are never prepared enough. It has to be perseverant, because if he does not have a clear mission, he will give up on the way. He has to be a leader, because if you don't have a good team behind you, you can't make it.
Which part of your job brings you the most satisfaction?
When we receive pictures from our client's work and they say, "Oh, it's fantastic! Thank you! Thank you! We will recommend you to others! ". That is the maximum level!
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