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The De KeukenbladenFabriek Experience

Who is De KeukenbladenFabriek?
It is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands that manufactures kitchen worktops made of natural stone. They provide the entire production process of kitchen worktops starting from showroom consultancy, kitchen measurements and actual worktop design.
Where did the collaboration begin?
"DKF" started out as a B2B company in 1990, then in 2010 to begin selling to its end customers. With three stores located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and a showroom at the Alblasserdam factory, "DKF" could manage orders quite easily in more than 60% of the Netherlands.
Over time, they wondered if they can translate this process online, offering more complex customer advice without being present in the showroom. So we asked ourselves: how do we put a showroom online?
That's how we designed for them the configurator - the place where customers are passed through the same process to get one or more price offers, then make a comparison and choose the one that suits best. Here, they can view a color palette with more than 300 models, can insert the desired measurements, choose various settings and accessories, and finally receive the price offer via email.

Due to the system, sales representatives were studying the bidding requests, then contacting the clients and offering solutions that would meet both their budget and their preferences.
Can it be better than that?
Of course! With a well-defined marketing strategy, clients have begun to use the configurator more and more. Thus, the quote requests increased and the representatives failed to honour all the clients, especially those who had a final offer and wanted to buy. Analysing the above, we realised that customer quotes should be prioritised.
Together with the specialists from "DKF" we implemented an order prioritization algorithm for sales representatives. Thus, the system prioritised quotes that had a success rate of over 50%, which implicitly resulted in many more orders completed.

In addition, the algorithm generates daily a 'to do list' for each representative, which leads to a better management, but also to prioritising clients (estimated time to talk, showroom appointments).
What were the results of our work?
Collaboration began in November 2017, and implementation started in February 2018. In just 6 months, we managed to increase the number of leads by up to 400%, and double the sales numbers. This has led to the improvement of the production process and today "DKF" produces about 40-50 worktops per week (just for B2C) and delivers any order within 5 days.
What role did the maintenance had in this project?
Although the project has been completed, we continue to study and further improve the system to suit the various needs of the customer. Improvements to date are: integration and tracking of production flow, automation of bureaucratic processes, implementation of various functionalities to increase the percentage of sales automation that led to system flexibility and a significant increase in the productivity of the representatives.
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